It is probably true to say that most owners of cues worry about the cue warping. Cues can and do warp but if they warp after purchase the blame can usual be put down to the fact that the cue has not be cared for correctly.

A cue that is going to warp will most likely be found during manufacture or at the point of sale as the manufactures are careful to select the best timber for the shafts and butts.

To keep a cue straight it should, when not in use, it must be stored vertically preferably in the cue rack. However as most keen players carry their cues to and from the Snooker Rooms then a good quality cue case should be used to protect the cue whilst being transported. Again when the cue is stored in its case it should be stored vertically and in a reasonable dry atmosphere. Cue case come in a range of styles and sizes the chose of case is an individual selection.

Two piece and three quarter jointed cues are less prone to warping but care of them is still important

The most likely cause of warping is to leave the cue leaning against a wall or table in the Snooker Room or home especially if the rooms are both warm and humid.

It is common to applaud an opponents a good shot by banging the butt of the cue on the floor. This should be avoided as it can split the butt timber, break of the butt plate both of which not only spoil the cues appearance but can ruin the feel of the cue. The other lasing damage, especially to older cues, is that the weight fitted internally in the cue can become loose and make a sound at when playing a shot which put the player off their stroke.

Always wipe down your cue after use and before putting it in its case, Thurston Cue towels are ideal for this purpose but do ensure that it is dry especially if kept in the cue case.

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