Thurston Moving Forward

As with all businesses Thurston have had to restructure the company due to the effects of Covid. We pleased to say that we are weathering the storm and hopefully we will come through this difficult period all the more stronger. Changes have had to be made one of which involved the sad closure of our Liverpool showroom and the withdrawal of our snooker  maintenance division. 

Going forward we will major on the “Online” side of the business offering a full range of snooker, pool and bowling equipment, together with a wide range of club and indoor games related products. 

We are back to full time hours and our phone lines (0151 482 2700) are open 8.30am to 5.00pm Mon to Fri. Please be patient if we don’t pick up straightaway as we are working reduced staffing levels at present. Simply leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you for your past custom and we look forward to being of continued service.



Why choose us?

Thurston's philosophy has always been based on customer service. You the customer are Thurston's number one priority.

Thurston has been the home of Snooker, Bowls & Club Games for over 200 years. We pride ourselves on our history and knowledge.

Thurston have been maintaining snooker tables since 1799. We are innovators in methods used for table maintenance and servicing.

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