Snooker Tables

New Snooker Tables

We are the longest established snooker table makers in the world and we still manufacture our tables here in the UK, using the same traditional techniques we pioneered and the very best materials available. If you choose a Thurston table you can therefore be assured of its quality above all others.

New tables From £2,000

Reconditioned Snooker Tables

Our fully trained table craftsmen recondition and renovate snooker tables to a high standard. These tables are all one-off products and are updated regularly.

Reconditioned tables

Why choose us?

Thurston's philosophy has always been based on customer service. You the customer are Thurston's number one priority.

Thurston has been the home of Snooker, Bowls & Club Games for over 200 years. We pride ourselves on our history and knowledge.

Thurston have been maintaining snooker tables since 1799. We are innovators in methods used for table maintenance and servicing.

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