Two Year Maintenance Contract

Regular maintenance retains a faster playing cloth.

That’s where a THURSTON maintenance contract can help – because we are the acknowledged experts in snooker table design, construction and maintenance.

Take the worry of the daily maintenance of your snooker table out of your hands with a Thurston Maintenance Contract.  This can be varied to suit your requirements and can be tailored to incorporate any snooker table renovation or upgrade work within a timetable, to suit your needs.

Having carried out a “Free of Charge ~ No Obligation” inspection of your equipment, our representative will recommend a proposed tailored maintenance programme to suit the needs of your table.

One of the main benefits of this scheme is that the cost of the major work, such as recovering the table, can be incorporated within the contract to enable you to spread the costs of this together with the additional professional visits over the 24 month agreement, which is paid for monthly and assists with annual budgeting.

The contract can also integrate an additional six regular professional services to establish quarterly visits.

Details of alternative schemes, including upgrading your cushion rails to the modern standard, remodelling existing cushions, or even the complete re-polishing of your tables, can be discussed with you on request.

As an added bonus, all maintenance accounts receive a Thurston Gold Card, entitling the club to a special 10% discount off most of our product ranges. 

We would welcome the opportunity to visit your Club to carry out a full assessment of your snooker tables, Free of Charge, prior to submitting a quotation to incorporate the initial and subsequent servicing work within a maintenance contract, for your consideration and invite you to complete the Request Quote below, to get the ball rolling.

Most of our existing contract customers have selected the 2 year option with visits every 6 months (a total of 4 visits) however we can adapt the contract in both length and number of visits required.

A standard 2 year contract would run as follows.

Servicing schedule

Visit no.1 The bed and cushions would be recovered using pure wool West of England cloth, grade to be decided after discussion with the customer.
Visit no.2 As with all newly fitted bedcloths this would be removed for stretching, slate cleaning and generally servicing.
Visit no.3 The table would receive a Thurston 10 point service.
Visit no.4 On the final visit we would once again carry out a 10 point service.

A new or revised programme can commence at any point within the above cloth life cycle.

Dependant on the grade of cloth selected, the monthly repayments could equate to as little as £1.18 inc. vat per day, a small price to pay for a perfectly maintained table. 

Included in the 10 Point Service Programme;

  1. To carefully inspect the table and accessories and report on any renovations and replacements required and submit detailed quotations.
  2. To making any necessary minor repairs to the cloth which can be executed without removing cloth e.g. sewing small cuts etc.
  3. To correctly brushing and ironing the table.
  4. To remarking the baulk line and half circle.
  5. To replacing missing or worn spots.
  6. To securing or replacing loose or damaged rest hooks, a nominal charge to be made for the cost of any replacement parts.
  7. To re-sewing or replacing as necessary the pocket nets, leathers, straps or rails, a nominal charge to be made for the cost of any replacement parts.
  8. To retipping up to 6 cues per table. Additional cues will be be retipped if required at a nominal charge.
  9. To refixing or replacing loose rest heads and rest toes as necessary, charging only for replacement heads.
  10. To tightening loose cue clips or replacing as necessary, charging only for replacement parts. 

Any doubts? Get in touch

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