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17 September

Selecting a Snooker, Pool or Billiard Cue

15 minutes read

Brief history of Cues and advice on selection of cues

20 August

Billiard Table Irons

10 mins read

A potted history of the Billiard Iron from the original cast iron irons for heating over a gas ring to the modern electric thermostatically controlled Snooker Irons used today.

26 February

Billiard Cloth

25 Mintues read

When you hear or read the cloth that covers the slate and cushions of a Snooker (Billiard) table described as BAIZE you can almost hear the sharp intake of breath in Stroud (West of England - Strachan) and Pudsey (Hainsworth)...

26 February

Caring for your Snooker Cue

3 Mintues read

It is probably true to say that most owners of cues worry about the cue warping. Cues can and do warp but if they warp after purchase the blame can usual be put down to the fact that the cue has not be cared for correctly.

14 February

Billiard Cue Tips

5 Minutes read

(or if you prefer Snooker Cue Tips). The billiard cue tip was first used in France. It is said that in about 1807 an French Infantry Officer Monsieur Mingaud cut some leather from his horses harness...

14 February

Snooker table lighting

5 Minutes read

The first type of lighting over the tables was candles and as you will appreciate they didn't give much light and there was the danger of the wax dripping onto the cloth!

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